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We created VILLAKRAFT as part of pursuing our personal dream to live, work and inspire others in the mountains. In 2019 we fell in love with Bad Gastein and the 100-year-old "Haus Lindebner" at the foot of Bad Gastein’s historic city center in the quiet neighborhood Badbruck. The house already existed in the 19th century, but has had its distinctive appearance since the 1920's. When we bought Haus Lindebner, it contained stories and treasures from the Belle Epoque days of Bad Gastein, the First World War, the roaring twenties, the Second World War, to the booming days of the town, its decline and the resurrection. Haus Lindebner being an abandoned place, our dream was to 'bring history back to life'  by restoring the building in a new, contemporary style while preserving its history.


It took a bit of 'looking through' to see the potential of the house when we bought it. It then took a bit of courage to strip the sleeping beauty to its essential structure and rebuilding it with care together with a fantastic crew of local craftsmen who felt pride in restoring the house many of them pass every day. The treasures we found along the way we tried to give a well deserved back in VILLAKRAFT. 

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