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We, Peter & Jadwiga are passionate about...


  • connecting people 

  • people really being themselves

  • bringing out the best in people



We believe in the power of....


  • nature, the mountains and water

  • being in connection with yourself and others

  • food, breathing and spirituality as medicine


Below you can read more about what drives us both and how VILLAKRAFT came into being.

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"Oh, really? Exceptional.... Brave!....... And why Austria?"


It's only after I tell people about our plans that I realise it's not a very common move for everyone, our purchase of a Pipi Longstocking-like house in a historic mountain town in Salzburgerland. Our good friends already know that Peter and I are not afraid to change our lives (and those of our three girls) from time to time. But this step needs some explanation.

Even before I was aware of it, nature was, and is, for me a natural place to relax, recharge and find inspiration. I always thought I liked running, but only in the Amsterdam forest, or at least the Vondelpark. And running could also be a light walk. As long as my head was under a canopy of leaves.  And the more holidays we spent in Austria, the stronger I felt the draw of the Alps. Now, when I drive into "our valley" and see the green (or white) walls, I literally feel the tension leave my body and my heart jumps of joy. I am home!

"But are you going to leave everything you have built up behind?” Um no, it doesn't feel like that at all. Well, we are certainly going to miss the energy and facilities of Amsterdam. Undoubtedly. But our most valuable asset is still our friends and the bond we feel with all these wonderful people. Friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, parents from school, chance meetings, with each of you I feel a deep connection.  And so I would like to take you to the place where I feel at home. In the mountains. To relax together, to get to know ourselves better and to celebrate life!

Will you come with me?

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"You were born in the wrong country", a friend said.


As a child, I spend many summer holidays in Austria. I remember my grandfather's walking stick with the 'shields' of the towns we visited. I rediscover the Alps in my student days, but in the snow. First on the slopes, then with ski touring. Later followed by cycling through the Alps. What often strikes me is that I get such clear insights when I am active in the mountains. Together with Jadwiga, I walk through the mountains in summers. With our kids, we spend almost every holiday in Austria.


In my thirties I decide to stop a corporate career and join a small team specialised in coaching leadership teams. I noticed that I enjoy helping people create clear ambitions and turn them into action. I visualised one day having my own place where I coach people. The moments when I am in Austria become more frequent and more intense. I make new friends in Austria, practice guiding teams in the mountains, build igloos and do strategy sessions with teams in a hut.


Every time I walk through the mountains, the insights and ideas come. I notice that the same often applies to the people I am with. Real conversations arise. About dreams, ideas and obstacles. The mountains feel powerful. Sometimes overwhelming. I also discover the power of cold training through the WimHof method (the 'iceman'), lying in cold mountain lakes and notice that this triggers others. One thing is becoming increasingly clear to me: this is my home and I want to develop myself further in inspiring and guiding others in the mountains.


After a period of 'testing' as a family in Austria, the final exciting step to Austria has come (although in our life 'final' is a relative term...). Together with Jadwiga and our girls, I want to create a nice place where people like to be. Both for a (family) holiday as a reward for hard work, and for discovering and developing oneself. I grant others the insights that arise from movement in nature. I love to guide these people, in an environment where I am really at home with my girls.


Are you coming along?

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